Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians are encouraged to be actively involved in various aspects of school life here in Broadford and have always done so with goodwill and partnership. We are very appreciative of the continuing support which parents and guardians give to the school, regarding both their children's education and also fundraising activities. We hope that you and your child enjoy being part of our school community and that your child will remember their days here with pleasure and affection.
For Your Information...
Starting and Finishing Times
School begins each day at 9:30. Children line up with their classes at the rear of the school. Please allow the children to enter the school by themselves. 
School ends each day at 2:00 for Infants and 3:10 for all other children. Children are collected at the front gate. 
Car Parking
Children should be brought to/collected from the school gate as the large volumes of traffic can be very dangerous. As there is limited parking outside the school wall, parents are also permitted to use the church car park. Please refrain from bringing children through the teacher's car park - use the pedestrian entrance instead. 
It is recommended that your child eats a healthy lunch everyday. As well as having a range of health benefits, a good diet aids children in their learning and concentration. Children should be provided with plenty of fluids, of course water being the best!
School Uniform
Our school uniform consists of grey trousers/skirt/tracksuit bottoms/pinafore; a navy jumper/cardigan and a blue polo shirt. 
Personal Details
Please ensure that up-to-date addresses, phone numbers and mobile numbers are provided to the school. Please inform the school of any changes as soon as possible in case we need to contact you.
It is important that your child attends school unless they are sick. If children miss school on a regular basis, they miss vital parts of their education and it can be very difficult for them to settle back into their work. Under the Education Welfare Act (2000), an explanation of your child's absence must be given to the school where a record of absences will be kept. The Education Welfare Officer will be informed where more than twenty absences occur in any one school year.
Notes are frequently sent home, usually regarding school information and events. Please check your child's bag on a regular basis. 
As jackets and coats are often mixed up or left behind, please label them with your child's name. All school books should be covered, with names on the front of the book. 
Reading to your child and encouraging them to read for leisure is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them. We have extensive class libraries with a wide range of books which the children have access to on a daily basis. 
The curriculum is divided into the following areas, which are covered from Junior Infants right through to Sixth Class:
Language (English & Gaeilge)
Social, Environmental & Scientific Education or SESE (History, Geography & Science)
Arts (Visual Art, Drama & Music)
Social, Personal & Health Education or SPHE
Physical Education or PE