Green Schools


Green Schools

We began our work on the Green Schools Programme in September 2011 in Broadford NS. The first theme of the programme is Litter and Waste. We set up a Green School Committee, meeting regularly to plan and to check progress.

Environmental Review

We conducted an Environmental Review to see what impact the school was having on the environment - good and bad. We found that we had a litter problem, particularly in the playground. Most of the litter came from lunchboxes. The school was recycling quite a few items, but some recyclable items were found in the general waste bins. We were collecting compost daily. Every fortnight, four general waste bins and two recycling bins were being collected.

Action Plan

We introduced many measures to combat the litter and waste problem in the school. We put a bin in the playground at break-times to reduce the litter. A litter-picking group collect litter every lunch-time. All classes are encouraged to bring re-usable containers for their lunch and drinks to help reduce waste. Any wrappers are now brought home. These are just a few examples of what we have being doing.

Monitoring & Evaluating

The Green School Committee regularly checks our progress by carrying out surveys, etc. We have found that litter in the school has been greatly reduced since the beginning of the programme. Waste has also been greatly reduced, with one and a half general waste bins and one recycling bin being collected every fortnight now.