Quotes from our pupils...

"I like Broadford N.S. because the teachers will solve any problem and it feels

very safe." - Holly

"I always have a friend." - Rachel

"I love going to school each day to meet all of my friends and play our games

together. Teacher always tells us interesting stories in history - like all about the

famine long ago.I love when Teacher brings us down to the P.E. hall to do our

exercises."    - Robert

"I like going to school in Broadford because I like doing cross country." - Seán

"I like Broadford School because there are lots of friends to make." - Lauren

"I like going to school to play, to do art and to play sports." - Colm

"Broadford School is small and very peaceful. Staff and pupils are all very nice.

Children can take part in cross-country, music and singing. Children can go out

to play and we do lots of work inside." - Ericka

"In Broadford School, the children and teachers are nice. The teachers do not

give up on you. There are small classes so you get more attention. We do fun

activities like the Skipathon and the Readathon. There is good discipline in the

school." - James